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    I have had Musicmatch 8.0 for a week now,but I have just noticed that when I play a cd through drive (e) the sound is distorted.It sticks and slows down.If I play the cd through (d) drive it's ok.If I play it through WMP any drive,it's ok.Although I have this problem on (e) drive,if I do record, the playback sound is ok.Can anyone offer an explanation.My system is WinXP pro.

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    The guy goes to the doctor and says "doc it hurts when i do this" doc says , then dont do that.

    Dont use that drive.

    I never liked Musicmatch. i had it a year ago...i loved the interface but it was such a resource hog.

    Winamp + DFX if the smallest install and best sound you will get

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    i love musicmatch, great software easy to use and dfx is the best thing that ever happened to music


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