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Thread: Grossest Movie Scene

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    I just wanted to ask what you think is the grossest / nastiest scene in a movie mine has to be Robocop where the guy goes into the Toxic Waste at the end that scene always makes me look away.... hey iam a sissy so what

    \\ tell me yours //

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    I remeber someone hammerring a nail through a finger or thumb - possibly in the american version of the Ring. That isn't particularily easy to watch.

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    No clue, but on it, watched it when I was little sooo, where the book bleeds.. lol

    like the clown killed the little boy and his older brother looked in the photoalbum and it started bleeding

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    the bit in 'american history x' where he puts the guys mouth on the curb and kicks him in the back of the head and splits all his face up. Its not so much the violence, but you hear his teeth grinding on the concrete. Fuckin excellent film though. One of my faves.

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    Irreversible, where the guy gets his revenge with the file extinguisher.

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    Gotta agree with Kooky Kramer about that scene from 'American historyX' it really makes u wince when u watch it, pretty brutal scene...or maybe the scene from 'Hannibal' when hes cooking that guyz brain (its just a little far out dont ya think?)
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    Goast Ship, right at the bieggining, all the people are dacning, like 40, and this wire snaps and cuts all the people in half, and then it shows the floor with people with have been cut in half, missing arms, and are still alive moving around, very disgusting

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    I have never seen American History x but i have heard a lot about that scene i think i might just watch it now

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    what about casino when they beat the shit out of joe pesci and his brother and bury them alive

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    resident evil when the guy gets cut up into about a 1000 pieces by that net like laser

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