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Thread: can i make a request here??

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    I was just wondering if it was ok to make a request in this forum? If that is cool let me know. If not let me know wherethey should be out if anywhere


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    As far as I know you can make a request. But I doubt it will be filled.
    What type of a request is it? Perhaps I can direct you in the right direction.

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    Best thing to do is to simply put a message in several newsgroups with 'REQ:' as the start of the header. If you're d/l'ing headers you'll see that all the time, IF your pgm isn't filtering them out... then change the settings on that filter and you will. All you can hope is that those who might fill the request arn't filtering as well, and in fact since by 'definition' they arn't, they'll see it.

    But simply make sure the REQ is posted simultaneously in the 'majors', i.e. a.b.dvd, a.b.dvdr, ect.


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