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Thread: Windows Xp Shut Down Problem

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    Hi, Hope someone can help me .... I have windows xp pro o/system and when I try to shut down windows, it goes through the normal shut down things, WINDOWS IS CLSING DOWN AND WINDOWS IS SAVING YOUR SETTINGS but I used to get a screen saying IT IS NOW SAFE TO TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER but this does not appear. The screen goes black but then it starts up again ! Unless I turn off the power this happens everytime. Please, please can someone help me ?

    Thanks, Dave

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    Possibly to do with your system's Advance Power Management (APM) -

    The APM tab is present in the Power Options tool in Control Panel, but it is not enabled by default.
    Control Panel -> Power Option Properties -> APM
    It should tell you if you computer supports it or not.
    And if you computer can run XP, it probably does supports APM

    *If the APM tab is not accessible, you system board is not APM compliant*
    (If this is the case, perhaps checking for a Bios update)


    Enter your Bios:
    Search and enable the auto-shutdown feature.
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    Hmm, I've never gotten an 'It is now safe to shut down your computer' with XP and don't even know if that exists on this OS... First of all, when you shut down, make sure that the tab doesn't say 'Restart'. No, i don't you're stupid, but this is the kind of mistake a lot of ppl make. If it indeed says 'Shut down' then just exit all apps and press the On/Off button on your comp. Sure, because of this, startup may be slowed because of Scandisk, but it's better than turning off your power while DOS is operating...

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    did u upgraded from a previous installtion?

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    just an idea:
    Try desableing your windows log on and off sound.
    located in start > control pannel > Sound and Audio devices > sound
    then just scroll tho and change sound to "none" this is also good for speeding up shut down/log in of your computer

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    yup, just what ynhockey so graciously explained..
    ..and next week, if yer really good, we'll tell ya how to switch yer pc on 4 a while...JK
    Mario J
    ach we've all been there..

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    Funny: same thing happ to me! The comp turned off then turned back on again then i turned him off and he stayed off!

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    i think the guy has an upgrade of his operating system and hes running windows via both win xp and the old 1


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