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Thread: I Need to buy a new Laptop

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    Jan 2003
    The more power, the better -grfx,videoediting etc
    please advize.
    My brain is going to explode from looking at different sites, tests.

    I have around
    1,863.06 $
    1,442.05 EUR
    947.513 GBP
    82,312.86 rupees

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    Oct 2003
    How about this one:

    It's close to your price.

    Do you have any other preferences? For example: large vs small.

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    Jan 2003
    yes i have been looking at that one, i am close to getting it.

    large better, 17inch naaiice, little fan noise please

    in a way, i would prefer to simply give the cash to someone and simply open the package. i am working on a 800mhz, 15inch, 32ram lap right now so Anything is better.

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    I assume that the amount you've got means the price has to include taxes.

    I believe the current rate in .no is 23%, so VBs suggestion would push you way over the top.
    Surprisingly not all that heavy compared to other 17' laptops.
    A little difficult to manoeuver I would have thought.

    This might fit the bill though, only 6,197.38 Israeli New Shekels before tax.
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