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    Just wondering if it's possible to play original PS2 games on your PC? I mean with an emulator or something.

    Note: I don't meant downloaded games, I mean the actual thing, on an original disk, that you buy, from a shop, hairy monkey, giz?

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    Nope...PS2 emulators are rare, and/or non-existant. Be aware of downloading such emulators on kazaa or other websites. 99.99% of PS2 emulators you can download are trojan progz or viruses.

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    =O God damn.

    I really need something to do...would someone mind sending meh a game =) Burnt is fine =) Just something to do =) Hairy Monkey =)

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    All I know is that when these GTA:VC images finally come in...I'm going to be busy

    ...very busy...

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    How about being a nice lad and burning meh the game =)

    Edit: Hairy Monkey

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    and then how would i get it to ya?

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    Snail Mail =) I'm happy to pay postage, depending where you live.

    Edit: Damnit, Hairy Monkey.

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    send me an email via the email button...we'll figure something out...what kind of connection do you have...we could just transfer over aim or something...

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    Hairy Sent Monkey.


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