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Thread: ThePlace.BZ Dead?

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    For more than 2 weeks I found that doesnt work. Anyone knows whats going on? I believe it is dead by now as but who knows actually.

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    Hi SirLouen
    Just a quick note to say that I am having the same trouble as you. Any info would be much appreciated as it is driving me mad trying to find out what has happened.
    Thanks Mesmer123

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    i pmed you, i'm really not sure.

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    seductiongr isnt dead...

    and i didnt hear any news about ThePlace. and the login and faq page loads fine for me.
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    it said that
    (You missed the boat. We are no longer accepting new members to the site. We will ever again? Maybe. Maybe Not. )

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    They still have invites, the staff hands them out directly after having a chat with you now.

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    Hi Guys
    Thanks for your input. I have just tried to log in to theplace on a different pc and am still getting the message that this page cannot be displayed. So I wanted to ask if anyone can actually get into the site or if they are just able to see pages that may be already stored in their internet cache if any of you are actualy members of theplace and can get in i would really appreciate some help to sort out my problem.
    Any help woud be very much appreciated.
    Thanks Mesmer

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    KOneWOne's Avatar Nothing to see here BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    hey mesmer

    I have never been to the site before so I would have no cache of an old page in my frontpage says:


    Join us on IRC: Chat

    Thanks for hanging in there, and enjoy the site.

    - theplace staff

    But I tried going to:

    and the page loads I don't have an account so I couldn't log in... so I tried the following address:

    and I says the following message:


    We are a private site and require an invite to join. Please try the IRC channel.

    It looks like it is working...perhaps the frontpage is a front they use to try to stop nosey people from finding out about the site...kinda like acid-lounge or ft*r...


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    Hi KOneWOne
    Thanks for your help it is much appreciated. If I could ask one more favor, could you please try and join the irc because whenever I try to connect to the irc that wont work for me either. I just don't know what is going on. I really love and would be very sorry to never be able to get in again.
    Any help is very much appreciated.
    Thanks Again.

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    u probably got banned... when we ban ip's the box seems like it doesnt even exist.... u cant join irc or anything.... try using a proxy to go to irc.. although tbh, i doubt anyone will re-enable u if ur ip got banned... then again, it might just be a coincidence so u have nothing to loose...

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