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Thread: An I-Pod / I-Tunes question

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    Recently got a nice new Nano I-pod and i'm loving it (as mcdonalds would say ).
    I have an anooying problem with Podcasts that i'm sure someone will be able to help.
    Have got some Podcasts from another source other than I-Tunes store everytime I add files to library ready for transfer to I-Pod they always just show as songs? i.e. Under music files, I can't seem to load them onto I-tunes Podcast section like where the I-Tunes ones go when I get them from store.
    Anyone know why?

    Another annoying thing its that somehow i've managed to have my home page for store as US instead of UK but can't seeem to find way of changing it back. Again .. anyone know how?

    Thanks in advance


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    You could try using an alternative to iTunes called YamiPod

    You can use it side-by-side with iTunes, and it works very well in my experience!

    Should allow you to transfer your podcasts as podcasts. Funny how Apple make the seemingly simple tasks so tricky isn't it...


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