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Thread: Rip Gamez

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    Surely Most Of you Know Rip gamez and how it is very nice and its size is gr8

    So I ask all the Professionals in our nice forum is there is any Torrent site is specialized for Rip Gamez

    And Thanks alot In advance

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    It's rare for games to be ripped nowadays although it could be possible with FM07 to dump the quickstarts and install from a directory.
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    believe me not rare and if you dont trust me visit Opgamez and you will be sure
    plz anyone Know dont hesitate to reply

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    Why do you want to obtain ripped games? They are inherently limited in varying degrees. It's often not worth a group's time and effort to strip a game of its media just to save a few MBs when today's net connections are fast enough to download many DVDs in a day.


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