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Thread: Just bought a new computer... wondering about vid card.

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    I just bought a brand new computer for school.

    Anyways with my old computer I never really bothered much with playing Games because my graphics card could not even play the most simple of games but now that I have this new computer i was wondering if the graphics card is any good..

    its an ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 can anyone tell me about this and wether or not it is good?

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    The ATi Radeon XPRESS 200 is a motherboard chipset that includes video.

    Here's some info:,00.html

    It's also possible that your motherboard has an upgrade path that would support adding a video card. We would need more detail about the motherboard.

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    The ATI Express 200 is said to perform akin to an ATI X300, which is ATI's budget card from one generation ago. The only different is that, being integrated into the motherboard, it shares the system RAM. That means that some of the normal RAM is used as Video RAM. If you have 1GB of Ram or more and a decent CPU, it is reasonable to assume that your system could play games such as Doom 3 on low settings. The Express 200, after all, is DX9-compliant. Anything newer than the Doom 3 era, though, will likely not work (games such as AoE3, Hitman: Blood Money, FEAR, and obviously Oblivion)


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