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Thread: china friends I need help about

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    China friends, I admire TLF and WAf rips so I searched much and found here : and

    I registered here too and I can download torrent files but I can not connect the trackers. What is the problem ? may be is it private tracker ?

    if I opened it at wrong place I am sorry.

    I wait for your help about this tracker...
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    I'm not chinese but i am using one of chinese sites look like that one.
    Never had any problem.
    Have u signup? Looks Like u already did it since u downloaded torrent files already.
    Try connect torrents from 5qzone only with ur torrent client, see how it goes

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    open dht, use bitcomet(version<=0.70 is better).
    if u still cant dl, then u can do nothing.

    u can ask in their forum, they understand english.

    btw: 5qzone's user are all Chinese student. they use a network called "education net", they cant visit foreign countrys. so i think, even you open dht, connecting to them is difficult.

    maybe i am wrong, cos i never use it.


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