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Thread: nfosec Career Hacking: Sell Your Skillz, Not Your Soul

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    By: Aaron W. Bayles Chris Hurley Johnny Long Ed Brindley James C. Foster Christopher W. Klaus
    ISBN: 1597490113
    Publisher: Syngress Publishing - 2005-04-01
    Paperback | 1 Edition | 441 Pages | List Price: $39.95 (USD) | Sales Rank: 601794

    Technical Guide to Landing (and Keeping) a Job in the Information Security Field Do you analyze every packet that crosses your home network just because you can? Do you spend countless hours coding applications for the sheer joy and challenge? Do you have a coin jar labeled "Trip to DEFCON/Black Hat Fund"? If you want to refine those skills to land a top InfoSec job and employer-funded trip to Vegas next year, you've come to the right place. The authors of this book have all succeeded in applying their inherent hacker skills to build successful InfoSec careers. From them you will learn about the variety of available jobs and the skills required to excel in each one. Also, the authors provide advice on how to develop the necessary management and personal skills required to hack your way to the top.
    Determine What You Want to Be When You Grow Up (or at Least Get Older) See how the InfoSec field has matured, and decide if this is the life for you.
    Social Engineering for Profit Use both your people and research skills to perform reconnaissance on the InfoSec job market.
    Choose the Right Path Learn what certifications, work experience, and education are required (or not) to land your dream job.
    There's No Place Like Home for a Test Lab! Build a fully functional test lab and attack machine in your basement to fine-tune both your attack and defense skills.
    Learn the Laws of Security Master the ten guiding principles of information security to outwit malicious hackers in the real world.
    Know Your Enemies Identify and understand the classes of attack: denial of service, information leakage, regular file access, misinformation, special file/database access, remote arbitrary code execution, elevation of privileges.
    Feeling Vulnerable? Navigate the dangerous waters of vulnerability disclosure from nondisclosure to full disclosure.
    Don't Trip the Sensors Use your l337 H4x0r skillz to assimilate into the workplace and hack the corporate ladder.
    Master Incident Response Develop contingency plans to put out fires in the workplace without getting burned.
    Install Your Career Rootkit Since you got there, you might as well stay there!
    Part I: Recon/Assessment Chapter 1: The Targets-What I Want to Be When I Grow Up (or at Least Get Older) Chapter 2: Reconnaissance: Social Engineering for Profit Chapter 3: Enumerate: Determine What's Out There Chapter 4: First Strike: Basic Tactics for Successful Exploitation Part II: Technical Skills Chapter 5: The Laws of Security Chapter 6: No Place Like /home-Creating an Attack Lab Chapter 7: Vulnerability Disclosure Chapter 8: Classes of Attack Part III: On the Job Chapter 9: Don't Trip the Sensors: Integrate and Imitate Chapter 10: Vulnerability Remediation--Work Within the System Chapter 11: Incident Response--Putting Out Fires Without Getting Burned Chapter 12: Rooting: Show Me the Money!

    Download From Here:
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