ISBN: 1561707201
Author: Sylvia Browne
Publisher: Hay House
Although she does not bill herself as a professional astrologer, psychic Sylvia Browne has some strong opinions on how astrology plays into life on earth (as well as the afterlife). "I promise you that you will not read any of this information in any other astrology book," writes Browne. "This work represents my personal observations from 30 years as a professional psychic." Instead of specific predictions, this compact book offers general astrology tips. For example, she asserts that premature babies are probably trying to assure that they're born under the right sign. Other tips include: "Most of the time fire and air signs go every well together," and "A rule of thumb is that you are compatible with people three signs removed from you." Readers can also look up Browne's specific thoughts and psychic insights under their zodiac sign. But beware, Browne has a tell-it-like-I-see-it style, so not all of her comments are glowing and flattering.
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