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Thread: GigaTribe v. ?

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    Hi newbie here... looking for ANY review of GigaTribe... public or PM.
    Got a pal trying to get me in to share some large files, and seeing I have no P2P experience, looking to hear from anyone who knows about it, what it does etc... he's trying to do a website for me and has some photoshop mockups (which I know about, this I can say)

    Heard it had a previous name WebTribe or something... ring any bells, anyone?


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    Hi Photododo,

    I'm more than familiar with the application, but rather than appear as a spammer, I'll just direct you to a review! :-)
    The editor here gave it 5 stars:

    And yes it's also been marketed as TribalWeb in the past.


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    Thanks for that GJ. I Googled the TribalWeb and discovered it was authored and doing the rounds in France... that's probably why no-one knows much about it.

    Anyway I got it running and the .psd's came over to me fairly quickly - so it works OK ('does what it says on the tin' for us UK peeps). A relief for a PEBCAK like me.

    Have asked another couple of web colleagues to test it with my collection of silly films, but they're not free 'til late in the weekend. So what does a good review (if I am bored) include in the P2P domain?


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