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Thread: I need the best advice for newgroups

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    Wow. Just Wow. Today I just found out that the new internet provider I am getting doesn't support newsgroups without a premium account. I have no clue how I am going to get xbox 360 games now because BitTorrent is slow as hell and I can't afford to pay like 30 bucks a month for Usenet.

    If there is a cheap usenet server I can get than could somebody please notify me? I am also looking into sites like projectw that use flashget to download files with premium rapidshare accounts. Does anybody know If xbox 360 games download fast with that? Because it is alot more resonable to pay 70 bucks for a year.

    Basically I just need a way to download xbox 360 games at a fair speed without having to pay alot of money or even better, no money.

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    I say you check out Easynews, you get 10 GIGs every 30 days with rollover for $9.98 and they have SSL access for free, much better than paying a lot more to someone like Giganews
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    10 gigs aint much if you want to leech xbox360 games :/

    If you dont want to pay: torrents, if dont want to pay much and have no problem with putting in alot of effort: Rapidshare, If you dont mind paying 25$ a month for the best "leeching"service you can get: Usenet.
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