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Thread: Need software info using NZB files

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    Need Help understanding and D/L movie files in NZB format. I'm new to dealing with newsgroups and using FST. The only experience I have had using newsgroups was a trial to UseNext.

    Yo! What Up! with ya'll members and Mods out there I need some help D/L Newsgroup NZB flies and where do you say Thank You to access D/L link. Not being critical of this site being that I'm a newbie but I have yet to receive one reply and I waited over a hour. I say again can I get some help if this is a friendly place. I was about to tell a few friends about this place but now I not sure. Ya'll holla back please and get on yo post and help a brotha out Peace!!

    Just got a UseNet account need help D/L anybody got info on how this related to D/L here at FST.

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    Here are some guides that should help you out

    Newsgroups Guide to Grabit

    Newsgroups Guide to Newsleecher
    Repairing RAR files, via Par2's

    Calm down, not everyone is going to jump to help you with that attitude.
    I have posted some guides in your other post. I suggest you go read them.

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    Please submit all request for help in English with proper punctuation for best results.

    I have no idea what you want or why....


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