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Thread: Repairing a television

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    Not for the novice DIY person as electricity is involved.

    I am not responsible for any accidents if you so wish to repair your own TV.

    This set was damaged by Fire, Ectoplasum juice & Water.
    The fire damage was minimal, but the water damage was quite intensive.

    It was my choice to do such an act,
    Thanks to Jade's comments on CBB I lost it and threw My Television out the house, then set it on fire.
    but afterwards I realised that I need my television, so I had to repair it.

    Fig 1: The fire.

    Fig 2: within seconds it was out of control.

    After putting out the fire with 2 buckets of water would the Television still work.
    Well this is what I did.
    I removed any large amounts of water by using bog roll,
    The rest of the moisture was evaporated using an electric heater.

    Fig 3:

    The first test failed as I forgot to dry out the plug, that was a shame as it blew all the house electrics.

    Fig 4: success, it works,
    only a small pop,
    but I think that was caused by moisture on the screen


    Fig 5: Only a bit of fire damage on the case,
    But it's as good as new.

    Job done.
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    You wouldn't need to fix it if you didn't throw it out and set it on fire.

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    feckin 'ell Baz you could have just posted in the BB fred

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    its working, well done baz.


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