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Thread: free DVD burning software for dual layer 8.4GB discs?

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    Is there any free (as in legit) DVD burning software for making 8.4GB data disc's?

    Just data DVD's is ok, dosn't matter if it does video disc's.

    I'v tried burnatonce and deepburn. Deepburn plan to add dual layer support sometime, apparantly burnatonce might work with some dual layer writers but makes coaster with the one I have here.
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    I think this should work...

    ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter.

    For data you'll have to create an ISO image first (ImgBurn has 'Build ISO' abilities (Mode>Build)) then use ImgBurn to burn the image: Mode>Write.

    For video use DVD Decrypter. Mode>ISO>Read then Mode>ISO>Write.

    Just curious, why are you wanting to burn data to dual layer? It's much more expensive per byte than single layer.
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