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Thread: Rise Of Nations

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    I was just wondering, does anyone have a verified hash for Rise of Nations?

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    you can download the iso its just 500mb

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    found it by I just get "More Sources", sigh guess I'll just hafta wait

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    You could try bittorrent - try, or any one of the plethora of bittorrent sites.
    Make sure you download bittorrent before you try to get the game

    -I got it from bittorrent, pretty good game.

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    isn't bittorent really annoying for anyone else. It goes fast at the first few minutes for me then slows down till it goes at about 1kb. Does this happen for anyone else?

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    The speed of bittorrent has a couple factors.

    1. The amount of people seeding/downloading the file.
    -- You upload even as you download, and you can still upload after you have downloaded.
    --It is common practice to leave the window open (and thereby still upload the file) after you are done.
    2. Your upload speed. I am not sure of any formula you can use, but there is every indication that this is true.

    If the file you are downloading goes fast at the begining, then slows down, it might be because there arent enough people seeding the file.
    Usually, if you want the file enough, there are plenty of forums where you could request that the file be seeded. Usually people are happy to seed files.

    Also, it may be that you simply had a bad connection. Wait a while, leave it overnight if need be. Often times, some people will downlaod really slow for awhile, while others 'take up' others upload. Usually its fixed in a couple minutes, as the person finishes, etc.

    I love bittorrent. I really suggest you give it another chance.

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    itykii i really want to give it a second chance but i have had bittorent for about 2 weeks now and every file i've tried to download has gone slow. Also is there anyway you can resume a file if u restart your pc

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    You can resume downloads by clicking the same link, then selecting the file.

    What files have you tried to download?

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    A load of stuff like Daddy Day Care, Matrix Reloaded, X-men 2, The Sims Superstar and a few comics

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    mmm. Most of those should go pretty fast.

    As I said, just give them a chance..

    Leave it on overnight, and I'm sure theyll be done when you get up.

    make sure that you have the latest bittorrent also..
    you might try getting the interface client, and seeing hwo many seeds you connect to.

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