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Thread: Vice City

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    I am downloading a 732 MB file off of Kazaa Lite I have never seen before on it. It says in the description "Both disc images are in here and the crack. Its really compressed so it will take a while to unpack. Be sure to read the readme file. Also share this, I am nice enough to put it on Kazaa so please share it." And the file name is gtavc.exe.

    So, is this Vice city?

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    no. the 2 cd images for vice city are toghether 1.49 GB. it's no way you could compress that into 732 megs.

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    The un-packed two disc plus crack that I have is 1.44gb.

    I'm not too sure how much you could compress these, but that does seem a bit extreme, though I dunno.

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    Damnit, that was the only one that went fast! Everywhere I try, every P2P program, every web site doesnt work or runs UNBELIEVEABLY slow, and I have cable!

    I tried Bittorrent and that too went unbelieveably slow. Emule and ED2k both didnt work. I am desperate, my parents always shut the PC down every night so I cant do any overnight downloads.

    Anyone know any guarenteed fast sites I can get the .bin and .cue files from?

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    If you want vice these...


    These are the disc images. Just search for flt-vca and'll find them. You can go to

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    Yeah, it's running slow because not very many people are sharing. I'm downloading those files at about 3-8 kb/s. Yeah its slow..and its been running since yesterday morning. Still better than shellin out $50.

  7. Games   -   #7 didnt work for me. I tried searching on Yahoo, Google and all the P2P services I have on my PC for FLT-VCA.BIN and it all was a big dead end.

    Any other suggestions please?

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    How was FLT-VCA.BIN a dead end? You do know that you need the .cue files? Burn them with nero. Look in the faq if you cannot figure it out. What do you mean that didn't work. You need sig2dat and no pop up blocking enabled.

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    I searched for FLT-VCA.BIN and it came up with nothing. (or whatever, its not copied anymore) is a web site, right? It looks like one. So I type it in to the address bar and no good web site comes up, thats what I mean.

    Plz help!

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    Try searching for "flt-vca" leave the .bin out. Try that and see what you get. Click here for a link to verified downloads.

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