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Thread: Which Codec Do I Need To Watch Scarface?

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    Hi i'm trying to find out wich codec i need to watch my movies. I have k-lite codec pack,ffdshow and divx total. and i can see most movies, but my roommate has the movie scarface(LAN) and he can watch the movie and i got only sound. he has a lot of codec on his computer to many so i trying to find the perfect combi. hope you guys can help me?

    ps: i've heard about a kingjohns codec pack is it any good and wherre can i download it

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    It's never a good idea to have more than one codec pack installed! It can result in conflicts. ffdshow with one of the codec pack is OK.

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    I think theres a program called gspot included with the klite codec pack (in the folder it is installed to) if u run this program it can tell u what codec u need(if its not there do a search on google and u should find it). The klite codec pack should have pretty much whatever u need codec wise, but not everything is installed so you may have to run it again and install the missing codec

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    i'm a lazy bastard! so i want to give it a shot to try to make the best combi because if it's doesn't works (conflict) i alway's can uninstall it.

    but any way thanks for your help.


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