A get-in, get-out Power Pack guide that focuses strictly on what PC technicians and serious hobbyists need to know to maintain, upgrade, and repair PCs
* Each chapter focuses on one particular hardware feature, briefly explaining its design, operation, characteristics, features, and purpose, with information and tips on installing, upgrading, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and problem solving
* Highly-illustrated approach-at least one figure for every two pages
* Find-a-Fix tool takes readers through all the most common symptoms of computer problems, helps them refine a diagnosis, and provides immediate solutions
* Ron Gilster is bestselling author of A+ Certification For Dummies, Second Edition (0-7645-0812-1) with more than 250,000 copies sold in all editions
* CD-ROM provides valuable diagnostic software, including DocMemory, Diskeeper, TuffTEST-Li8te, ExpertCheck, and PC-Check, plus searchable text of the entire book and Find-a-Fix tool

Table of Contents
Part I: The Motherboard and Its Components.
Chapter 1: Mastering the Motherboard.
Chapter 2: Processors.
Chapter 3: Chipsets and Controllers.
Chapter 4: Booting and the BIOS.
Chapter 5: Configuring System Resources.
Chapter 6: Memory.
Chapter 7: Applying Cache Memory.
Part II: The System Case and Power Supply.
Chapter 8: The System Case.
Chapter 9: Powering Up the PC.
Part III: Storage Devices.
Chapter 10: Working with Hard Disks.
Chapter 11: Hard Disk Interfaces.
Chapter 12: Floppy Disks and Removable Storage Devices.
Chapter 13: CD-ROM and DVD.
Part IV: Sight and Sound Systems.
Chapter 14: Video Systems.
Chapter 15: Monitors and Displays.
Chapter 16: Audio and Image Capture Devices.
Part V: Printers.
Chapter 17: Impact and Inkjet Printers.
Chapter 18: Laser Printers.
Part VI: Keyboards and Pointing Devices.
Chapter 19: Keyboards.
Chapter 20: Mice and Other Pointing Devices.
Part VII: Communications and Networking.
Chapter 21: Dialup Networking.
Chapter 22: Networking the PC.
Part VIII: Configuring the PC.
Chapter 23: Expansion Cards.
Chapter 24: Ports and Connectors.
Part IX: PC Operating Systems.
Chapter 25: The Windows Operating System.
Chapter 26: Unix and Linux Operating Systems.
Part X: Maintaining a PC.
Chapter 27: Preventive Care.
Chapter 28: Optimizing the PC.
Part XI: Appendix.
Appendix A: About the CD.
End-User License Agreement.
Bonus Appendix A: Troubleshooting PC Problems.
Bonus Appendix B: The PC Technicianís Toolkit.
Bonus Appendix C: Glossary.