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Thread: Keys stopped working

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    I've got a really annoying problem with my keyboard, the zero, minus, equals, delete, sqaure brackets and enter key have stopped working. Sorry if this should have been in hardware, wasn't sure if it was windows or the keyboard itself. Cheers, Hugo.

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    either you have
    -numlock on
    -your using the wrong keyboard language -control panel, regional and language settings

    probably not so, it is...

    -you have dirt under the keys - pop off the keys and clean
    -spilt liquid in that area, clean your keyboard, (search google)

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    A quick way to diagnose so you don't spend hours cleaning your keyboard for no reason would be to either try a spare keyboard if you have it (I'm going to assume you don't because it doesn't take a great mind to come up with this) or launch the on-screen keyboard, and if I'm not mistaken, it should send the same commands to the system that a correctly working keyboard would.

    If the keys in question work here, the problem probably lies in your keyboard, or vice-versa.


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