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Thread: Windows 98 Help

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    I'm trying to install Windows 98 on an old computer of mine...I'm using the start up disk..everything goes fine until i do the comand...E:\setup. Set up checks the HD and says "No Errors Found" but...when It scans again to load the setup files I get this message ....
    VIRUS: Continue (Y/N) I type Y but nothing happens...any idea on how to get past this?

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    sounds like you still have some form of anti-virus running at your bios want to startup in bios and disable all AV procedures, me thinks.. then try it..I think whats actually happening to cause this "prob" is that at boot up, your PC is actually seeing your bios as a potential Virus...need I say any more? ..
    If you do a floppy boot with a 3.5 floppy, you'll see this very problem addressed in the help file displayed after the floppy has got you into DOS....
    keep on truckin'
    Mario J

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    I go to my BIOS by pressing Delete...right? Ok I'm being asked for a password...any idea on how to get arond this? The computer is mine so...anything to help me

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    If you didn't set a password entry it really shouldn't be chuckin' one at you, but there was a period round about 96-98 where microsoft set a default supervisor password of "ford".. ...a real stab in the dark, that one.. if it works, I'll eat my mousemat...
    Mario J
    Good luck

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    Did you do a FDisk

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    Remove and reinstall the battery on the motherboard to reset the bios.

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    Originally posted by harrycary@20 May 2003 - 23:56
    Remove and reinstall the battery on the motherboard to reset the bios.
    I thought of that...I'll do it. Yeah I fdisked and made a partition for "98 but when setup was loading the files i got that message...I"ll do the battery thing. Take it off and put it back on. Thanks again

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    these are all good tips. If you can find the model number of your mother board, usually written someplace on the motherboard, you can do a search for the manuel on the internet and there is a jumper on it the you can move for a minute and it will clear the Bios for you. Also most mother boards have this jumber labeled on the board. The battery thing works too. Just leave the battery out for a bit. I have seen some boards keep the bios info for at least 30 minutes or so. Once you do this disable the virus protection on the bios while you install win98. Also for a faster install and no anoying questions do a setup like this:

    setup /ie /is /iv /im (this skips the memory check, disk check, does not display the fancy while you are waiting to install. Goes by quicker on the install.

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    Thank you all. Problem solved. I've installed Wind 98. I cant get updates though...but works fine.

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    Ok...I need your help again! I've installed Wind's an old computer but runs pretty cool now...I think the Display driver isnt suported. I right lick on my desktop then go to setings and i see the the colors are only 2 and 15...Any Idea on where i can get drivers for my computers display?

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