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Thread: Playing(or not playint) Burnt DVD's with Sony 5 disc DVD Player

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    Im having Issues with the Burnt DVD's playing on my Sony 5 Disc DVD player.

    In the specs it says: DVD+RW/+R/+R Dual/DVD-RW/-R (Video Mode)/-RW (VR Mode w/CPRM)/DVD/CD text

    Heres my process.

    I DL a movie using Newsgroups, quick par it, unrar it, then dbl click the ISO that comes from the unrar, and nero pops up asking me if I want to burn this DVD.

    So thats all I do.

    And I use the same media, but only about 50% of them actually play and the other half I get this message.

    "playback prohibited by area limitations "

    Any ideas? Do i need to burn them differently?
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    Try using DVD Decrypter to burn them.

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    The movies you download off the newsgroups are probably 1:1 replicas of a dvdr image (I'm guessing, since if it was a xvid encode, etc. it would not have any region coding)

    What you need to do is burn it using Dvd Shrink + Slysoft AnyDvd.

    Dvd Decryptor I believe will not help you in this situation. At the point of where he has an .iso file, all dvd decryptor can do at the point is just burn the image. It only removes CSS and region protection when it is going from dvd or dvd.iso to your hard drive.
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    Ok Dvd shrink + slysoft any dvd

    Actually it is an .IMG file

    So I now have Dvd shrink and slysoft anydvd, however I cannot find a how to on the correct way to use them together. I tried burning it using DVD shrink, and had these options selected which i thought would work, but I tried it and still the same error on the DVD player.

    I should also mention that it works fine on my computers DVD drive, but not on my Sony DVD, or any other DVD player in the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smitty1258 View Post
    ... I tried burning it using DVD shrink...
    DVD Shrink isn't capable of burning. What did you burn it with?

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    Actually, DVD Shrink is capable of acting as a front end to Nero, and can burn the output using Nero. Alternatively it can create an ISO and optionally burn that with DVD Decrypter.

    The default is to create an ISO file, but with those settings the ISO file should be region free. However, if you've then burnt the original IMG file then you've effectively created an ISO file and done nothing with it.
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    ok, lol

    I want to do something with it. So can someone please help me though this one? I dont know why I cant grasp this.


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    What output did you produce, and how did you burn it?

    The default is to take your input and produce a .iso file which you burn with the burning software of your choice.

    There are also options to pass that .iso file straight to DVD Decrypter which will burn it for you, or to pass the output straight to Nero which will also burn it, but skipping the intermediate .iso file.

    But unless you tell us what you did it is a little difficult to answer your question.
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    Ok the problem is that it was PAL

    And there is no way to make PAL work with my DVD player.

    But All the children of men newgroups I find are PAL, which sucks!


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