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Thread: The Juliana Theory

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    I first came across TJT by mistake, but since then I have loved them! please download one song u won't regret it ( i.e Into The Dark, Do you Belive me? )

    please tell me what you think


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    i have the

    Music From Another Room
    Emotion Is Dead
    Understand This Is A Dream


    I think they are pretty good.

    I'd recommend the songs

    Duane Joseph
    If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?
    Seven Forty Seven

    i've not had a chance to listen much to the latest album, Love.

    so yeah, i like them.

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    I dl'd a few songs, but i won't keep them......I'm not really into that kind of "soft rock"
    I never heard of them, so i was suprised to find so many sources. BTW, i found some info about them, maybe i like some old stuff from them?
    'English impaired'

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    what kind of band is TJT?

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    TJT started off as punk, then emotion is dead was kinda pop rock, and then love is a more mature mix

    p.s the faceman: Listen to love

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    I really like TJT, i have all the albums. Some of their songs sound like Dashboard confessional and Further seems forever

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    get "the closest thing" . its a great song by The Juliana Theory.


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