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Thread: utorrent download problem

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    hi, i downloaded a movie file with utorrent from, but there was a problem and the file just stayed at 99.9%, so because i've got a quick connection i thought i would stop and delete the file and download the same file agian, but when i tried to download the same file again from, because there is only the 1 movie file for this particular film, it just goes right back up to 99.9% and stays the same. i want to know if there is a way i can download the same file but it downloads from the start from scratch and doesnt automaticly go staight back to 99.9%??

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    just delete the file in your download folder, and empty your recycle bin too.

    but I would just try and play the file first.. see if it works that way.. I had the same problem but stopped at around 98.7.. and it was still playable.. cause the only thing that didn't get finished was the sample.avi.

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    i've deleted the file from my download folder which i assume is the place where the download starts and finishes along with my other downloaded files, and when you say recycle bin; is there one on utorrent or do you mean my main one


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