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    hi people just a quick one,can people still u/load from me if i just add files to my shared folder from another sorce,or do i need a hash?as i said i hope this is'nt too stupid too ask. keep up the good work lads!

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    Files from other sources as in my documents, my downloads, etc? Yeah. As long as they are looking for whatever the title of what you added they will be able to get it off you no matter where it came from.

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    plus :- If it's a new file not already spread on the network, go to "My Kazaa Lite", find the new file, right click and choose edit details. Fill in some relevant keywords and a brief description. That will help people find it through the search option.

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    With KaZaa, as long as you place a file in a folder you are sharing, then it is available to others. If you wish to know what your sharing click http://localhost:1214 while KaZaa is running and you will get a list of files you are sharing in your browser.

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    many tnx for ur replies people,as for the details iv just done it.and it's you people who make this forum great,good luck bye.

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