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Thread: Avril.........

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    avril isnt a ouser why dose everyone think that?come on its just her style whuts ur oppinion?

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    Originally posted by krholmes56@21 May 2003 - 00:04
    avril isnt a ouser why dose everyone think that?come on its just her style whuts ur oppinion?
    one wonders why one is answering to this.....oh yes,
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    Every young popstar starts with a good girl image, but that never lasts long. Sex sells, and her anti-establishment image will only keep the records selling for a short while. She's gonna look good on the cover of Maxim in a year or so.
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    ur right like umm brit and cristina

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    damn she fine...

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    i wouldn't necessarily call it posing. i think thats a style she wears but her wardrobes and such are picked out and discussed with an image consultant to keep her image as a punk rock girl who really just doesn't give a shit. Doesn't matter if she's a poser or not. I dont like her or her music because she is fine, I just like her music for her music. I love rock music and she's one of the only girls i've ever liked in rock music. i can't stand other rock bands like blink 182, good charlotte, simple plan. she falls in thier category, but she's just a little louder and just sounds better. Avril is one of a kind.

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    man you're setting yourself up for a whole world of flaming with that topic heading.

    I'm not gonna go back on my whole "listen to whatever music you actually enjoy" statement, but Avril Lavigne's music is nothing like the image the record company has made for her. Her album has one song about the "sk8er boy" and the rest of it is love songs and quiet pop songs.

    If you like her music though, that's totally cool, but you have to at least admit that her "style" is so forced it leaves bruises. I think she looks uncomfortable playing this rebellious character. I heard she's a classically trained singer, or maybe i was sleeping listening to the Tenacious D album and got confused. Because you know they are "classically trained to rock your f*cking socks off"

    The Avril Camp is totally split down the middle, with a few exceptions. (edit - i forgot to put in here that some people obviously just like her for the music)

    you have those that take in the image and believe that's the way she really is and love her for it, cos she's "such a rebel",

    and then you have those that have no respect for her or her music because the image created for her is so false.

    personally, she annoys me, but i can see why the kids like her music, my little cousin loves her.

    PS - dmorgan, without comparing who's actually better out of blink-182 or avril, there is no way you can say she is louder. have u even listened to her album? there are very few songs even nearing "loud".
    but i'm glad you like someone for their music only, that's a good thing.

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    ummm what are we talking about?????

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    Your joking right?

    If you looked for the word POSER her face would be right there.

    She is the Queen of Posers. Is it a TRAVISTY that she is allowed to produce music. She can't write (look inside the CD cover and see how many ppl it took to write her songs), she can't sing and I don't think she can play a guitar.

    Like I've said in the past, the only reason this "power pop" is selling is:

    1) Sex Appeal
    2) The evolution of the "bubble gum" pop listener.

    Yes, the "bubble gum" pop listener has evovled and is ruining mainstream rock n' roll.

    Which genra music will they destroy next?........

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