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Thread: Noob Question...

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    I want to decide on which newsgroup i should sign up for, but I am having trouble on which 1 to pick. My choices are between newshosting, usenetserver, and giganews. Also I would like to know about the SSL and how it works. Could sum1 plz help me choose. Thanks in advance.

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    You should read this about SSL: In my opinion its bullshite unless you want to use it on a public network or you are having problems with trafficshaping.

    I hope fellow users who have experience with these provideres can help you out.

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    I am using Usenetserver now and the service has been badass. For $15 a month they give you 75 day retention and SSL access free. Since they have SSL access I can download from the usenet using my work's internet and not get busted

    Speed has been awesome too..I have a 10Mb pipe at home and UNS maxes it out no problem and I haven't seen a single incomplete yet. Hope this helps.


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