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    Ok, I finally got the GTA Vice City Bins and Cues on my PC and they are ready for burning. But I have a few questions:

    1. I only have 700 MB Discs, no 800 so how can I burn them, and please dont tell me I cant!

    2. If, god forbid, I cant is there any other way to get the game installed and playable?

    3.Do I just burn the bin straight onto the CD or so I have to extract something? Do I just select the bin and burn?

    The only burner I have is HP RecordNow (came with my PC) so please if you could help me get the bins/cues burnt I would be very appreciative

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    look on google for a program called Daemontools and download it. It created virtual CD-Rom Drives on your computer that you can mount your bin and cue files on and use like a regular disk drive. Once u download and install it, just right click the red lightning icon and set the # of drives to 2. then on each of the 2 drives, mount each Vice City Disk and install. When u get to the point in the install where it asks to change disks, just hit browse and choose the drive w/ the other image on it.

    edit:: This way u dont even have to waste all those disks on failed burns and u can use the ISOs even if u dont have a burner.

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    They will fit on 700mb cds and in nero u go to file then burn image then find the cue and burn and its done

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    Look man avoid all that by doing this go to yahoo or even kazaa and get nero burning rom and then once u got that and got that installed go to file then select burn image then it will ask u what to burn then go to the place your your .cue file is the .bin should be in the same folder as well select the file it brings up which will be the .cue file then prompt will come up then clik write Peace of cake and Peace out

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    just get Daemons tool. i finally downloaded Postal 2 and all u have to do is mount it to Daemons tool which it just a simple right click then choose mount image. and postal was over 700mb ISO

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    I used Nero and it worked great. Thanks for all your help!


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