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Thread: Halo Combat Evolved

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    Does anyone have it? like a leaked version or beta? i see it on kazaa when i type halo.

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    PHUCKING NOOB! YOU PHUCKING POSTED IN THE PHUCKING WRONGE SECTION! READ THE PHUCKING RULES YOU JACK [REAR]! Anyways, dont you think those files could be fakes? Damnit dude, use your brain... Anyways the game is coming out late summer...

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    Is he talking about the 2nd one?

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    omg you noob... Its the first one but for the pc...

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    Originally posted by KingYoshi@20 May 2003 - 21:31
    omg you noob... Its the first one but for the pc...
    I need to play games again...

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    yes you do...

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    omg noob :| HALO is for box and HALO FOR PC aint out yet do you research b4 you ask dumb questions

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    Originally posted by KingYoshi@21 May 2003 - 04:31
    omg you noob... Its the first one but for the pc...
    Some people, unlike you, do have social lifes and don't know every detail about whats going on in the game industry, if your frustrated, you shouldn't start calling other people noobs and you know THOSE CAPS CAN BE VERY ANOYING!
    I hope you don't feel to offended, this is just what I think.

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    yeah, damn, ur gonna get a heart attack, calm ur ass down

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    btw Slayn1000, when u type halo on kazaa and u do get results, they are as of now...fake
    they are actually a quake 3 arena mod called bid for power, which i personally think sucks, and is around 96 mb, so yea

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