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Thread: Enter The Matrix. Spinning

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    ive installed from CD copies.... yet when i start the game.. my character just starts spinning and running around backwards.. both as ghost and naiobi... ive reinstalled it and updated.. and even tried the unupdated version.. yet i STILL spin in circles.. anybody else get this problem?

    solutions plz?

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    What no-cd crack did you use? The one that came with the game originally messes up ;/
    Get the backup cd from know it says backup cd, but its a no-cd patch.

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    Looks to me like you've got a calibration problem.

    Are you using a joystick/gamepad/something else?
    If so unplug them and go to Control Panel -> Game Controllers and remove all game controllers.
    Then restart (DO NOT plug the controllers back in) and try to play the game again.

    So far, you're the only one with this problem so I'm guessing something's wrong with your setup and not with the cracks
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