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Thread: How Do I Put The Downloaded Music On To A Cd?

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    Help please I'm a newbee. How do I burn the downloaded music from the site onto a cd. Yes I have a cd burner.

    Manyf thanks in advance.

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    You need a program... I recommend you using Nero Burning ROM 5.5 from {{{Here}}} and u can get the serial number from {{{Here}}}.

    After you install that program... u choose "AUDIO CD"... then just add the songs.

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    yup, piece of cake, drag 'n' drop as they say..Put a blank in the tray, (at this point Nero may auto load and start a new compilation.. (the panel on the left represents proposed cd contents..navigate to your mp3/wav files, and drag files from right (PC) to the lower left pane (new CD)
    Keep an eye on the cd capacity bar at the bottom as you add files, you'll see it jump up at quite a rate per track, but remember, you're burning cd audio data that'll devour a 700 MB CD at the rate of about 11 tracks per go..
    Benefits? the CD will play on anything, coz its not compressed and so does not need a "codec" program installed in the player for full fidelity playback. The Geek term Codec is made up from the two things the program does.. COmpressDECompress, I must be bored tonight or overdosing on caffeine or maybe both ..yup, both..
    Live Long & Phosphour,
    Mario J

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    Many thanks from a Napster nut to this new system. Thanks for all the help I because of your help got it. MANY MANY THANKS!



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