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    hey guys. i was wondering, i found this game where u can get game cash for every person who clicks on ur link: . but i'm pretty new and this fucking asshole keeps attacking me and i dont have time to bank my stuff or train. if you guys would click on this link, it would help a lot.

    thx again. some popups will come out but i help it anyways, thx again. once u clicked on it, click on one of the 6 traps. anyone of them. btw, you do NOT have to click on this link if you don't wish too and i cannot force you but it would help a lot.

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    Even though you arent trying to trick us,
    you are violating the board rules.

    Read the FORUM RULES!

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    you could get banned for posting that link

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    oh wait, this is'nt the food Spam? bad.

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    lol i didnt know you could get banned for that

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    there i clicked ur stinky link

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    Sweet! I always like those type of games... GIVE ME MORE! I NOW KNOW 5 OF THEM!

    btw, where are those stupid mods anyways? I thought they were suposed to be following the rules and help support them...

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    Well, at least the link description was honest - not like some idiots who post masked outwar links, who think that we don't check the status bar before clicking.

    It's worth noting that a lot of these games have an option to report users who post links on forums such as these, so if you do post, you risk people reporting you to get you banned from the game.


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