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Thread: Wat Is A Good And Quick Sharing Program?

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    one that is safe to use one windows and wont mess up my network or windows...(emule did that i think) also i want to be able to search all types of files fike music, video, and software ect.

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    Duh, you are on the forum for it.

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    i meant BESIDES kazaa, iknoe it is the best

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    You could try Bittorrent,have a look in filesharing.A few use it.

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    Originally posted by kms1357@21 May 2003 - 12:16
    i meant BESIDES kazaa, iknoe it is the best
    Actually KaZaALite (as opposed to KazAa). I tried a few other software programs, but KaZaALite seems to be the best in all catagories, in my opinion.

    Now there is DirectConnect. It has it pros and cons, but before you begin to think about it, most places there require a minimum of 5 GB of shared files. Most average at about 10GB. The advantage is faster downloads of larger files. And you can select the server by topics, such as mp3s, movies, adult, etc...

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    well by kazaa i mean lite, thats wat i use...

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    In the title of this topic you say "i use the kazaa w/o the spyware" you can shorten this to kazaa lite or even shorter k-lite. Save you saying/typeing all this out.


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