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Thread: Good PDA Tracker?

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    Any Pocket PC users out here?

    What is the best tracker for PDA apps?
    What is best for Windows Mobile 2005?

    Is there anything out there that is that specific?

    The best I've found is Demonoid.

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    Is an other good site whit PDA and GPS torrents.

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    Do these contain Palm apps as well?


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    i guess i could take this in the same thread then.. is there a symbian series 60 tracker who solely orientates on s60 material?

    sorry about my spelling, but i'm kind of swedish

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    symbian s60 stuff is way easier to find on IRC.
    try connecting to #aivanet on EFNET (
    just let the fservs scroll for a while or type in !list to get a list of most available servers.
    Many of them have tons of S60 stuff, while the PPC apps and games on the other hand are lacking.. very old stuff on the few fservs that have ppc stuff.. stuff that I remember downloading back in 2002 when i had an iPaq 3835.. those were the days (of slow ass pda's)


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