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    My friend brought over two towers the other day on a cdr
    It worked fine in my dvd too. He said the guy that loaned it to him had "connections"
    It turns out it was for "academy viewing only" every so often itwould say "for your consideration"

    Question: did this come off the net? and if so where?

    It was fun watching it two months ahead of the release date

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    It's called a DVD screener. It is sent out to members who needs to vote for awards like Oscar, Golden Globe, etc. A lot of these are released around the 4th quarter (LOTR was released in Dec), sometimes before the release date.

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    no way to take it off, some peps try to aviod screeners alltogether

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    Originally posted by fallenknight308@20 May 2003 - 22:47
    Question: did this come off the net? and if so where?
    Yes, I'm sure it did. Kazaa has had copies of this for awhile. I burn all my movies to disk to watch in my player. In fact, I rarely watch anything that is Divx or Xvid. Watching movies on the pc screen really sucks. Nothing ruins the experience faster.
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    cool, I can't wait to get a dvd drive on my pc so I can start being naughty


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