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Thread: The Sparmmer Award!

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    Definetly FC would get it!!! But i want to see how you guys think beside FC. I nominate KingYoshi (previously NeoShoyru).

    EDIT: Sorry of Spelling disorder in title. Typing fast gets me screwed up a lot. Should be "The Spammer Award!"

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    Didn't you have a different name before? BlackFire something..? :-"

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    Hmmmmm..... My Avatar might say something? i dunno

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    Sure in the past you can call me a spammer, but I havn't really been doing much latly... Anyways, I noticed that a lot of people havn't been folowing the rulez latly... Does the mods even know about the rules?

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    Still you were known as a spammer and banned from a chatroom. i still remember it

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    Hey, I got banned from the chat for posting a picture on the forum. All it was, was a picture of a few people being op in it... For somereason, everyone thought it was just a stupid picture that I posted untill they saw that one chick (sorry, forgot yer name since) got mad, then everyone got mad...

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    But it was however funny in my case but very disturbing... Bad Yoshi. DAMN IM SPAMMING AGAIN

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    How exactly was it disturbing? Or are you just saying that to make me look bad?

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    how is this spam?

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