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Thread: Rise Of Nations File?

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    Hi does anyone have the rise of nations files?

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    i have the game i dl it from

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    I dont see it there emir

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    I cant find it either where is it?

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    i bought it yesterday and i'll gladly share it if somebody will tell me how.

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    I recently d/load RON from emule, lots of sources on excellent game!!

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    Originally posted by systems4less2003@21 May 2003 - 03:09
    Hi does anyone have the rise of nations files?
    post in the right section - eh?

    systems4less2003 if you have any sort of respect for this forum you will PM a mod and ask them to move this thread.

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    yeah and if u post in the right section u mite actually get some decent replies, it aint just manners, its sensible


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