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Thread: People That Put Fake Files Or Change The Name.....

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    SHOULD BE FUCKING BAN FROM KAZAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who agrees?

    why would u even do that shit u fucking loserS!

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    Probably most of the people on this board agree with you... unfortunately, not much can be done about it.

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    Maybe their parents didn't want them and since their
    dog managed to escape they don't have any other form of recreation.
    I think we should be more tolerant of those poor social
    deviants who aren't getting the help they so desperately need.

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    Most of the 'worst offenders' are the evil companies dedicated to that task.

    We need to block their entire ip ranges (using Peer Guardian&#33 to 'kill them off', but even after doing that there will still be fakes floating around that people have already downloaded.

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    And also - take into account the people that are against file sharing.
    The mpaa and other groups have made it clear that they try to make it unpleasant to get files off Kazaa.
    They misname files(in bluk if some news articles I read are right), and do various other acts to make you annoyed.
    They pay people to do it ;/

    edit: what Switek said.

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    big movie companies and recording labels put fake files on sharring communities and do renaming to deter downloading of there copyrighted material, If we could stop them we would have already.

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    i agree these companies are damn annoying

    this is why kazaa introduced the integrity system.
    if everyone correctly renames, deletes or rates the file poor then it should help to cut down the chance of others accidentally downloading the wrong file B)

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    Aaah! The Mpaa/Riaa conspiracy theory again! There's no need for that. There are enough sick fucks who'll do that just for "fun"! Just look a the guys who create viruses ( viri? what's the correct english plural?)

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    when i download a fake i always rename it to what it should be

    if you search for one of these files ie. matrix reloaded you will get the same answer in the left hand side of the search box but on the right hand side where it says filename it will tell you the real name of the film roadkill because i have renamed it

    so come on everyone rename your fakes so everyone knows what they are getting people can still continue downloading that fake because the hash is the same so if somebody wants that fake coz they already know it is fake but they want the film that it really is it wont affect them

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    these ppl make me so mad i wish we could ban them somhow

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