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Thread: Empire Of Magic Razor1911 Help -_-

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    hi, don't have anyone else to ask so plz help me out if you can. What do I do with like 39 files of each 14.MB (rzr_eom1.010 etc.) and there's one .sfv file the .nfo doesn't really help with this matter either. How do i get them together to make 1 Cd out of those 39 files?

    I have looked around a bit and there was one post saying i have to rename them. Then one of the moderators asked what kind of files there were. Thats as far as I could get into figuring this out.

    Thanks ^^

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    Open them with winrar i think

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    Yeah - open the first file with winrar.

    The first file will be filename.r00, or something similar.

    Then extract.

    Now there should be an image file, wherever you extract it to.

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    THX that did it... i use only WinAce, guess WinRAR has so its advantages too...


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