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    Well I have tryed to spit a XViD file but then it gives me that error message about the sound or whatever. In a tutorial I have read it said I need to put the audio into another file, I press OK but then nothing happens. How do I fix this problem so I can cut my file and then convert it with TMPGenc. I have tryed converting with TMPGenc a few times and so far it always gives me a message saying access memory violation or something like that can someone help me with that also.

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    Open v-dub then click on FILE open your movie then click AUDIO select full processing mode then click conversion and set it to 44100hz then click compression and select No compression then go back to FILE and save it as a wave tell it where you want it to save too and thats all there is to it. (in most cases)

    If the movie has Ac3 sound v-dub cant convert this so do it with Golden Wave or some other Ac3 coverter.


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