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Thread: Can't Get Vice City Installed

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    did i download the wrong files or is the problem on my pc?
    i dl flt-vca 788,221 kb + flt vcb 776,579 kb i also got cue files,burned them to cd with nero.but when install starts it says "castrophic failure".it's usually about 40 seconds into install when it fails,doesn't give any other information.
    i have a hp 2.4 ,512r i appreciate if anyone has any info on this, thank you.

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    U sure u got the right cue filez? Cos their are a lot of fake versions of em

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    gd new guys.... put it in another damn section

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    Im 57% on disk 2 (the one you got) hope mine works. If not ill post.

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    Originally posted by Stonecoldfreak1@21 May 2003 - 20:30
    gd new guys.... put it in another damn section
    hey stoner maybe if you go back to your first posts you will see you were just as new also, only nobody was cruel to you

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    I have a prob with installation. After the box shows up that says insert disc 2 with file, another one pops up with insert disc 0 with What the hell is that?

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    Have any of u managed to get round the catastrophic error. How do u tell if the bin. file is bust before u put it on cd?

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    this doesn't belong in this section

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