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Thread: GIGANEWS CONTEST For March!!

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    GigaNews has offered for FST to have a contest.
    Two winners will get a FREE months service.
    Heres the basics for the contest...

    • Winners are chosen based on contributions in the NewsGroups sections.
    • Read pin topics in the section so you know what a good contribution is.
    • This is based on content as much as it will be based on post count.
    • The contest will run from March 1st to the 20th of the month.
    • Winners will announced by the March 25th at the latest.
    • Staff on the site will choose the winners.

    This is for fun so dont take it wrong if your not picked.
    We may have more contest in months to come.
    If so prior winners will not be eligible.
    This will give others a chance.

    Big thanks to GigaNews for this and dont forget to try their
    FREE trial account and their $10 discount on new signups

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    Sounds good. They should make it 6 months though.

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    It sounds good, but anyone may take these gifts excepts or includes staff?
    Why don't they make GigaNews accounts for life? only a month -.-

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    I have no doubt that Towerblocks will take one of 2 GN.

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    ** The Winners For This Month **

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealitY View Post
    ** The Winners For This Month **

    Will we be notified soon with the details.

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    It appears that GigaNews chose to make the winning accounts for February TWO months each...

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    Sounds good

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    ** The Winners For This Month **

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