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Thread: Converting Large Divx To Smaller Divx

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    I've downloaded some DivX movies of Sex and the City, some are large 350+MB files, some are around 160MB, and I even have one at 80MB. I'd like to convert them all down to the size of the smallest, since I can't see any difference between them. What software can convert DivX from large to small? What do I need to change to make it smaller?


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    changing it to a wmv file cuts its size down to more than half becuase I had an 180mb file to 30mb and it had the same quality, unless it was full screen, you can do this by using windows movie maker

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    I left out one detail - I need to keep it in a format that I can convert to VCD. Can you convert a WMV back to MPG for VCD usage?

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    if u want a smaller mpeg file then u will have to change the encoding in tempegnce, there are lots of places that say how to, just look about.

    To make an avi smaller, simply open virtualdub, asuming u have got it

    select video, full processing mode

    then compression

    select the divx codec and select a birate for the movie, use a birate calculator to establish the right birate for the file size you are trying to make. then click save avi

    or process the audio to make it smaller, always select lame (acm) then the desired size e.g 160

    Then click save avi and in half an hour or so u will have your smaller movie, it will most likley be worst quality though, but size = quality

    hope that helps ya


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