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    Would someone Please tell me where to download the codec called 2000. I have downloaded Stuart Little 2 and have no sound. My player tells me I need this for sound decodeing can anyone help please?

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    i have never heard of such a codec.

    try using the k-lite codec pack from here

    or try using gspot to find the real name of the codec you need.

    *cough glory hunter

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    Gspot tells me encoder is installed for video and audio . Still no sound!!

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    Did you try the K-Lite Codec Pack already?
    Since I use it I hardly ever have problems with codecs.

    Found this on Google, using the words "codec" and "2000":

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    The Tag 2000 Audio Codec is the same as AC3 Audio Codec.

    Goggle search for AC3 Audio Codec Download

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    Yes thats AC3 and itīs included in the K-Lite Codec Pack but if you only want the AC3 codec only,then you can get one from here.
    AC3 codec

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    Downloaded K/L Codec Pack problem solved. Thanks for your help.


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