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View Poll Results: What shud I do?

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  • Buy a graphics card (7950/x1950)

    0 0%
  • Buy a 19" LCD monitor

    7 70.00%
  • Buy drugs

    1 10.00%
  • Save monney

    2 20.00%
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Thread: dilemma

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    iNSOMNiA's Avatar 1/G BT Rep: +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16
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    i got a real dilemma here: i have to choose between a new graphics card (7950/x1950) or a 19" LCD monitor
    What shud I do??

    my actual card is a 7600Gt and my monitor is a random CRT 17"

    /if you choose "save money" please explain why

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    I'd probbly go with the monitor, get rid of that CRT! The 7600GT is a pretty decent card that should hold you for awhile.
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    lynx's Avatar .
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    I agree, go for the monitor, preferably one of those 2ms refresh rate jobs.

    By the time you actually NEED to upgrade your graphics card there will probably be a new generation around, but prices for a 19" monitor are unlikely to drop much in the intervening period.

    Also, because of the high internal voltages your CRT monitor is more likely to fail than a new LCD one or your current graphics card, and you should always replace the "weakest" component first.
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    The drug dealer probably can get you both for the same price?


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    suprafreak6's Avatar Suprafreak6 is Back!
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    go for a 20.1" lcd its about 200 online...and it will be worth it

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    mr. nails's Avatar m@D @n!m3 BT Rep: +1
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    i voted for 19' monitor, but if u have $300 then u can get a decent 19' and then an oz of some decent pot. 2 birds 1 stone?
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