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Thread: pc help for a fool !!!!!!!!! please.....

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    yes,you guessed it the fool is me

    i got hold of a packard bell idesign desktop so that my kids dont keep asking to use my computer,i cleaned it up and stuff like that but when i plug one usb device in everything works fine........plug in a second usb device and neither work,same with mouse and keyboard,just one it works fine but plug in both and neither will work

    might be something daft or might be something major,so if someone could point me in the right direction i would be well pleased,if not then it looks like im going to be paying a fortune to the local computer shop to get it sorted
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    who me?
    never pay anyone to sort issues like that. Its prolly just a usb driver screwup. I am not real sure on how to fix it, but if you got a machine for your kids, you should prolly just wipe it and reinstall, then I bet you wont have any troubles.

    If you can pay for a repair shop, then just pay for a copy of XP, and reinstall the machine, or maybe you already have a copy.

    This is the easiest way. Others may have more info on other possible problems that could be wrong. But wait till you can fully troubleshoot it with the help of the fine folks on this site.
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    if i wipe it and reinstall will i need any extra drivers?i got no disks at all with the computer but may have an xp disk lying around somewhere(ahem)

    might sound like a daft question to most of you on here but dont fancy wiping the computer then ending up with a spare doorstop
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    Try updating the USB drivers.

    If that doesn't work then I think a USB 2.0 PCI card could do the trick.

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    When it comes to troubleshooting a problem such as yours I would be looking for the combination of two plugs inserted to be causing a ground short. To test the theory plug intp one slot, test, and then the other and test, and then both and try pushing down and up on both and wiggling each side to side to see if you get a response. If the motherboard was replaced before you bought the PC its possible the guy who put it together did not get the spring like thing out of the way when he inserted the mobo. The back plate of a tower PC has these little cutouts that are bent up and out of the way but are meant to sit atop the metal casing of the little box that houses the usb ports. If this spring like piece was not lifted out of the way it can slide into one port and short out or even prevent the plug from going in. There are also two horizonal springies that press against the little case that reside between the two conectors when the two are postioned one atop the other =(as opposed to side by side _ _). These are also meant to act as grounds to the case but if one of them gets bent up or down it could touch the plug and short it out. Look very carefully inside both ports and maybe even compare what you see with your PC's slots to look for a difference.


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