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Thread: Yet Another Vice City Topic

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    i tried intalling with the two disks i made... didnt work
    than i mounted them with daemon and worked fine (or at least got farther in the install than the disks did)
    untill it asked for DISK 0 containing whats up with that theres no on disk 1 or 2 and they are the two verified disks that everyone else please help.its starting to take longer to install than it did to download and that not cool

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    Need more information, how did u make the discs, what kind of file was it ?

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    i made the disks from the bin and cues using nero
    but scrap that because i used daemon tools virtual drive to intsall straight fronm the bin/cue files
    and it asks for disk 0 with on it to continue install

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    If you have the FLT-VCA/B files...please dont tell me that. I will be very angry if it doesn't work. I still have about a day left for downloading them. GRrrrr...

    Could it be a bad .cue file? Maybe you can try burning with a different .cue file?

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    yes its the flt-vca/b
    it could be a bad .cue
    but when i auto searched on kazaa a bunch of results came up but this one had the most sources by far so i would imagine it was real but ill check that

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    FLT-VCA.BIN and FLT-VCB.BIN are the two original files, I downloaded from Overnet and I've clocked the game now. But beware: if its KL u got em from theyre probably tampered with.

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    hmmmmmm did anyone get these file off kazza and have them work...

    this really sucks
    thanks for the feed back thougi might ge it to work someday

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    They prob got corrupted if u got them from kazaa. I got mine from edonkey and they work fine


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